E is the fifth letter of the alphabet.

Design Edit

E's color is that of an off-color mint green. In season 2, E's color became a little more green.

Quotes Edit

"hopefully he's sane again" - (Comic 13)

"who created this abomination" (Comic 14)

"you're gonna pay for this" (Comic 40)

"help" (Comic 67)


"literally kill yourself" (Comic 81)

"yeah i'm pretty sure it is what it looks like" (Comic 92)

"gaerfbreiAngreaghaegrad" (Comic 93)

"WHERE'S MY PORN!?!?!?" (Comic 98)

"well C, you're under a curse. this curse in question is when you aren't able to appear unless the comic number is a multiple of 10. since this is the 110th one, you happen to exist yet again. no one believed me, but i am right! and I got PROOF!" (Comic 110)

Trivia Edit

  • E is the third character to appear in Alphabex.
  • E was originally going to be the main character, because E is the most common letter in the English language.
  • According to Comic 48, E could have taken lessons in Japanese.